Thursday, August 13, 2009

We Support Pets Alive - In Memory of Egypt

I'm pretty excited about this.

I'm always trying to think up a new way to help support Pets Alive.

This morning, another way came to me!

For as little as a confirmed $10.00 donation to Pets Alive, I will put a *permanent link to your website/blog/social network identity on the In Memory of Egypt page!

Just make a $10.00 (or more) donation to Pets Alive, include a note that it's for In Memory of Egypt and the link you wish to have posted, and once I am notified I'll set it up!

It's that simple!

For everything they already do for Pets Alive, I have posted links to Sidewalk Angels Foundation and OneMeaning on the In Memory of Egypt page.

*Permanent Link valid through the life of The Home Zoo's website.
***No co-ownership or rights or anything implied for anything or anyone.
****I am conducting this promotion on my own. I have no official association with Pets Alive.

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