Saturday, March 3, 2012

Unrealized Slumber

We are screams of isolation, desperate to interact, longing for the carrot of physical contact to satiate our unrealized hunger.

Solitary Refinement

We're told to yell "Fire!" when in trouble, nobody responds to "Help!" or "Rape!"

A man is on his second year of Solitary Confinement. He has 96 years to go on his original 12 year sentence for selling stolen computers.

A dog was killed today after being picked up off the streets, having run away from years of abuse by the hand of his former Master.

Some kid is wishing a bug would crawl his way so that he could have something to eat, while I throw away this apple because it has a small, brown spot on it.

Some people dream of Luxury Cars and Penthouses, while others, already beaten, are turned away from Sanctuary. There is no Money for you at the Inn.

I'm pissed off I can't get another 30 Million Dollar Contract. I have houses to feed. But I will prey for you and your starving dog living on the streets.

Oh, did I mean "pray"? No, I guess not.