Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Art Screams

Art screams as people say "Look at those colors! Check out that brushwork!"

What art really says is "I AM NOT CONTENT!"

We Are Society

We scream we trudge further into the machine.

We cry for a better we bitch for free music from our friends.

This society is killing us..and we are society.

Friday, March 15, 2013


"Ashes" - 2009
24" x 30" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Having painted a bunch of sunflowers already, I wanted to do something a bit different with this one. So I brought the painting outside, covered it with some brown flicks of paint, and it all just suddenly reminded me of something falling slowly from the sky. And that's when it hit me...Ashes.

The more I studied the painting and thought about it, I just had to give it to my parents for Christmas. Although, I no longer recall if I gave it to them Christmas 2009...or 2010. That's gonna bug me now.