Thursday, May 12, 2016

Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is such a delicate state that a bit of alcohol, drugs, or physical trauma, can alter our state of mind causing what we refer to as a blackout. Yet we choose to believe once our body has ceased living that somehow this consciousness continues on in some form - either through resurrection, spirit, a supreme presence, or reincarnation. The mind is a data processor, storage, and control system, tasked with the function of ensuring adaptation and survival. Human society has taken this mechanism and has built up illusions and distractions for the masses to ensure control and perpetuation of select organisms within this social construct. We are just organisms crawling about a floating rock, squirming around trying to do what is needed to be done to continue movement and to want to continue movement. Everything around you is fake, but we enjoy it because we are weak. We enjoy the distractions to give us a sense of satisfaction because the truth is other like organisms control and take our essential resources and we are too weak to do anything about it.

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