Saturday, February 19, 2011

And If It Concerns None

And if it concerns none with which path we travel,
Do we still stick ourselves with the needle?
Or perhaps this is the reason why we choose to go.

A passing without audience.
Does it really matter, if nobody notices?
Would they?

We stick ourselves with the needle and thread
As others pass us by,
Unaware, consumed by their own painted blood.

We stick ourselves with needles,
Drawing pretty lines.
See mommy? This one smiles!...

We stick ourselves,
Scraping bloodied messes.
Passing out in the streets.
Why do I feel so cold?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Haunted Spirits

"Haunted Spirits" - February 2011
11" x 14" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Haunted Spirits - You find yourself looking through the hole of a decrepit door...a door which connects two rooms...and the room you are standing in is inside a dark, abandoned, haunted house. You can see the spirits trapped within. But the question is...can they see you?