Friday, September 11, 2015

No-Kill United

You may have noticed I've taken a bit of a hiatus from painting and art in general. [Insert Affirmations Of Self-Reflection And Life-Pondering, And All That Other Crap, Here.] Truth be told, I got lazy. Fourteen hour workdays suck. Drinking was way more fun than struggling for hours to create something in which a few may or may not be interested. And then there's the stressing about something happening to the artwork and going over and over the details of a piece to make sure everything is right... There was even a point where I offered others the chance to takeover certain projects. Well, I'm back.

No-Kill United is a project I started back around October 2011. It started out as my contribution to street art - honoring the memory of one of my dogs, Egypt, and quickly growing to honor all animals. This too was put on hold for some time. And this too is back!

So, the logo is neat. I've got some hats, shirts, skateboards, and other merchandise available online... But just what is No-Kill United? What morals does it stand for? What's its mission? Why should you give a crap? ...And what's up with the #DexterDoesntSkate hashtags popping up all over the place?


No-Kill United supports no kill animal shelters and rescues by raising awareness through sports, fitness, and fashion.

Rescue in style.


The image in the No-Kill United logo is from the last moments I spent with my dog, Egypt - a kind Great Dane whom I had for just under a year. She had just turned 11 years old at the time the original photo was taken. Due to finding a very large mass on her spleen earlier that day she was put to sleep only a few hours later.

Through No-Kill United I keep her spirit and kindness alive by helping others.

Some of the images feature a dog named Eddie. I met Eddie at a no-kill shelter in Middletown, Ny. He's an awesome boy who loves toys and scratches.


Artist proceeds from No-Kill United sales are used to help sponsor athletes and support animal shelters and rescues.


Dexter is a cat.

Dexter was born on the streets of New York.

Dexter was adopted from a no-kill animal shelter.

Dexter loves cheese and crunchy potatoes (potato chips).

Dexter doesn't skate.

Dexter is Awesome.


Dexter Doesn't Skate is an evolving concept currently geared toward the skateboarding culture. The initial concept was to have skaters post pics and videos on Twitter of their worst skateboarding performances and tag them with the hashtag #DexterDoesntSkate. Then people could search that hashtag, or click over to No-Kill United : Dexter Doesn't Skate, and check out all the pics and videos. But I don't want this to be just a one trick pony, so there will be more assignments (not only geared toward skateboarders) given through No-Kill United's blog and posted on No-Kill United : Dexter Doesn't Skate.

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