Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pet Portraits Progress

Things seem to be off to a pretty good start with the Pet Portraits.

The first painting, Elmer, is hanging on my girlfriend's wall.

The second, Delilah Jo Bear, is photographed and just waiting on shipping supplies.

I've started on the third, Jasper, and it already has a good amount of paint on it. I should be able to do just do some highlights and some O.C.D. touch-ups here and there and it should be good to go!

And today I posted on twitter that the first person who replied to me with #catportrait would get 50% off of their cat's portrait! AND I got a RESPONSE to it! So that ROCKS! I'm VERY excited about this! I really wanted to try out a cat portrait so that the cat people could see what that would look like as well, and here we go!

I was actually thinking about posting for the contest last night, but was really nervous about it. I mean, what if there was NO response AT ALL?! That's just embarrassing right there! But within a few minutes, there it was! This is a great day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Left to the Past

I wonder lately if we were better off when The Church ruled over us. I'm by far no fan of Organized Religion. All I see in Religion is corrupt use of power, stories told to people by people claiming they know of a Higher Spirit or Power. As people, we never as a whole look to influence others for a truly noble and just purpose. Never trust the Storytellers. Blind faith corrupts. We allow others to control us, tell us what to think, believe, do and purchase...and then we die.

Now, instead of The Church, the Governments, Economy, Businesses and Technology are the Powers we worship. We pay homage everyday to screens of light. We overpay for diet and organic products all the while getting fatter on cheap fast foods we love, injected with whatever was marketed enough. Why do I need extra Vitamin C and Calcium in every product I eat? Don't I eat too much already? We are excess.

It's just a blanket. Vacuuming everyday is just passing time until death. I don't need a closet organizer - I don't need the things in my closet. Throw it away.

I work so that I can purchase. I purchase because our new Gods tell us to. I worry about the pointless items I have so I purchase things to protect them. But I am poor and disgusting if the things I've purchased to protect my pointless trash are worn and dirty, so I protect them.

We are nonfunctional. Most people in this world are not needed. Most aren't even wanted. We make room by killing others. Not our own, that would be wrong. We are excess, but we are us, so others must pay.

I wonder if all of this, The Church, The Government, The Economy and Technology and Products all exist just to pacify us, to keep "order" so most never realize it is all pointless. We're organisms living on a small, metal rock, winging around in dark space - even our minds trick us into thinking we actually see. Bends of light and reflection... We see nothing.

At least when we were slaves to The Church, it was one Master we obeyed. Now we obey many, and most never even realize it. Those who do, are left feeling helpless / hopeless. If you crawl into seclusion, you're dead already. Government, Economy, Technology... These are the new hands of God. There is no escape. We are dead already.

Life is a Delusion.