Thursday, July 16, 2009 Support Chat Part II: Jason Returns

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You are now chatting with 'Jason'.

Jason: Hello, how may I assist you?

Anthony: i can't seem to actually post in the Rants and Raves forums. i figured that would be the safest bet for where i could post.

Anthony: also, don't know if it's on my end or not, but i was not able to get into the "submit a ticket" part of the support section so i had to try "chat"

Jason: Have you been blocked from posting into the forums?

Anthony: they never said that they blocked me

Anthony: just that further abuse (whatever the abuse was) would result in whatever

Jason: Did you have an abuse email?

Jason: Then you have been removed from the Forums

Jason: Further abuse would result in a refund and a removal of your webs account.

Anthony: "Dear Webs User, It has come to our attention that you have not been following the rules of the Open Forums within the Community section of Webs. Posting in the wrong section or posting to have other members visit your site outside of The Bragging Place is a violation. Any future violations will result in site suspension. Webs Abuse Department"

Anthony: i really would like to know what the abuse was as a paying client as apposed to the clients that join webs for free

Jason: Yes you have been removed from using the forums

Anthony: i would think there would be a different sort of warning first like a slap on the wrists

Jason: sorry..

Anthony: policy is policy

Jason: Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Anthony: i'd like to find out how i can be notified of what the abuse was

Anthony: that would be top

Jason: I am sorry... if you have been removed, you cannot be re-added

Jason: nor will our abuse team take the time to respond to you.

Anthony: if not then i guess i'd like to know what the refund policy is and how i would i be able to keep all of my website files and formats

Jason: We would refund you for your sites and remove everything from our servers.

Anthony: it's only a couple hundred dollars but, it's more than the free users

Jason: You would need to find another provider all together.

Anthony: i understand that

Jason: Yes, you would no longer have access to any of our free accounts as well

Anthony: but with it being through site builder, would i need to switch to HTML and copy all my code?

Anthony: and then somehow download all my files?

Jason: no, you would need to start over at a different provider

Anthony: my content i'm speaking of

Anthony: the stuff that is under my copyright

Jason: yes you would need to create new content at a new provider

Anthony: no Jason

Jason: That is why we remove it from our servers.

Anthony: i'm speaking of things that i own

Jason: As I said, that is why we remove it from our servers...

Anthony: is there any method that webs makes it easier for me to have that stuff in my posetion

Anthony: possession

Jason: we are not a storage facility.., you are responsible for storing your own content

Anthony: and that's what i just stated

Anthony: not ONCE did i say ANYTHING about you all storing it

Anthony: did i?

Anthony: i was attempting to ask

Jason: As I said, we will remove your account and provide you with a refund

Anthony: is there an easy method for me to get my stuff off of your servers

Anthony: i wish you would stop and listen a moment

Jason: no, you will need to rebuild your content somewhere lse

Jason: else

Anthony: you're not listening so next subject

Anthony: how much of a refund?

Anthony: this is all being logged and recorded btw

Jason: I will process it and send it to the billing department

Anthony: i didn't ask that

Jason: absolutely

Anthony: i asked how much

Anthony: what is the percentage

Jason: whatever is pro-rated of what you have pre-paid

Anthony: like 10% off per month?

Jason: if you paid for a year, and there is 2 months left, that is what you would get credited

Anthony: ah ok

Anthony: didn't know if there would be like a huge chunk taken off the top or anything

Anthony: thanks Jason. i'll get back to you, i guess, when i figure out what i want to do.

Anthony: and i mean it. thank you for putting up with me.

Jason: I will send this through to billing.

Anthony: no

Anthony: i didn't ask for that

Jason: So you can find a new provider...

Anthony: i wanted to find out so i can be informed before i make a decision

Jason: We obviously cannot make you happy, you are not able to post in the forums

Anthony: i really hoped you would have handled this better Jason. you'll be hearing more at the next meeting.

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