Friday, April 17, 2009

Wait... I did what?

So, over the last few days I've gotten some members on my site.

I have NO IDEA why a site needs members and all that stuff. Most I gather is that members are placed on a mailing list so I can SPAM them.

That, and I can set things so THEY can blog on MY website and whatever.

Besides having a list of people to SPAM, I don't really get it, not for just an average website. Maybe if I was a business and all that, but I'm not.

So, why all of a sudden are people signing up on my website?

Good question!

APPARENTLY I've SPAMMED them, "inviting" them to join my website!

Wait... I did what? When did I do that?

OH! APPARENTLY webs takes care of that FOR ME!

And I don't see ANYWHERE where I actually have a SAY in this matter!

So, I've opened a ticket with them about it because THAT'S some dick-move bullshit right there!

I can see having that feature, but it should be [OFF] by default!

Spend around $100 with webs to setup your website to be more official and professional and what you get in return is being made out to be some dickhead that SPAMS people after they were considerate enough to take the time to read your blog and comment on it.

Nice webs, real nice.

And of COURSE you're MORE THAN welcome to join my site. The more I think about it, the niftier I think it is to have a mailing list and the ABILITY to allow others to post content on my site.

It's just... I should be able to turn that feature on or off myself.

Now, they HAVE suggested that I could access "My Members" and prevent people from becoming members...

But that's kind of missing the point isn't it?

I mean, also, after sending someone an email to join my site, I'm going to reject their membership TO my site? Ok then...

I'm not saying that I don't WANT site members. I'm saying that I don't want webs to SPAM people, on my behalf, that have commented on my site.

There are certainly far worse things out there in the world.

I just see this as very rude.

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