Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pets Alive Mural

For the past month, on the weekends, I've been primering and painting the hallways and stairway of Pets Alive.

This weekend, I start (and likely finish) the actual mural that will be on the stairway wall.

Now, I'm just someone donating supplies and time to do this for them (I really love what they do and the kind of people they are), but damned if I haven't been a bit emotional this week about this coming weekend.

I'm sure if it all works out well enough (They love the base colors I picked out) that there would be plenty more painting projects for me to do. But... this is the first. And with this first, I've started painting more. I'm looking more into the art world as an actual possibility for at least SOME income. I've made a bigger commitment to my website (Something I've been putting off forever). And I'm really realizing that things can and do happen if you put the effort it takes into them.

It's funny... it seems that the people of Pets Alive often are just amazed at how generous people are with them. I mean, I guess I'm one of those people, one of those people out there that just genuinely loves the place. I don't feel nearly the same way about the ASPCA, or Defenders of Wildlife, or any other organization out there.

It's the people. It's their genuine love and dedication to these lives that so many others would, or even HAVE, turned their backs to. It's the real struggles they go through. And it's the personality of the place. I'd say you wouldn't find another bunch like the people of Pets Alive, but that would be false. You look at the same people in the mirror every day.

Pets Alive isn't just a no-kill shelter or non-profit organization.

Pets Alive is the people working and volunteering there, the animals living there, the people donating their time, effort, supplies, and money. It's everyone, including you and me, making a REAL difference (that you can actually SEE) in the lives of many beautiful creatures.

I think I actually just made this weekend a bit more emotional for me.

To Pets Alive,

Genuine people with a genuine cause.

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