Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Anthony Davis Gets Injured

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Anthony Davis gets injured!

I'm not sayin' "The Brow" doesn't score big points for his team, but at Davis' price his ceiling is too low and his floor arrives too frequent. Having Anthony Davis in your lineup is like going 7-2 all-in in Vegas. CAN it pay off? Sure. WILL it pay off? Sure...likely for your opponent.

Look, I like the guy. Something says to me he's an awesome dude I wish I knew, but I also like my cats...and I don't see them raking in the money for me either. (On the odd chance that the latter COULD happen, check out Dexter Cat on Facebook - after last night I could use the fame and endorsements. HE LOVES PRINGLES! EH? Eh Pringles shout-out!!!) Um...anyway...

Whenever my lineups, or my sources, end up with Davis I cringe a little. Too many times he's been pulled out with an injury. And too many times he's done average for a big man in DFS points. On a crowded night like last night, you've got too many options in front of you to rely on The Brow. If you're gonna go for it, treat it like a punt play.

Disclaimer: I know JACK about sports. And I'm a complete noob fish at DFS. I'm just tellin' how I see it.


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