Wednesday, December 9, 2015

151209 DraftKings NBA 10 Game Lineup

I'm basically all caught up in Daily Fantasy Sports. The problem is I've got two things working against me (I don't know, maybe they actually work for me):

  1. I know nothing about playing daily fantasy sports.
  2. I know even less about the actual sports themselves. (Seriously, there's field goals in basketball? I thought that was just a football thing.)

Take those two faults (or possible unbiased qualities) and add in an ocean of average people who know a thing or two, professionals, and sharks, and you've got a great mix of hope and inevitable failure at winning daily fantasy sports (DFS).

I've tried about a dozen sites for tips and education. I've taken recommendations. Hell, I'm a HUGE fan of those Lineup Optimizers (both free and paid). None of this stuff has worked out to a point of consistent winning (not even on a grinding out level), and it seems so far most times my own "guess and choose" method has at least brought in more points than most of the other methods I've sought out. Maybe I've been going to the wrong sources. Or maybe I just have zero idea of what I'm reading from those sources and therefore have no idea what to do with their information. But hey, I'm completely green in all aspects of this stuff in the first place.

So, what I'm gonna do from time to time, in addition to my usual lineups, is I'm gonna post a free-roll contest on DraftKings under Username: ninbroken52. I'll create a lineup which I came up with on my own and enter it into that contest. Then I'll post that lineup here on my blog for everyone to critique. That night we'll see what really happens with the numbers. I'm telling myself I'm not trying to beat out any competition with this lineup (especially since I'm laying out all my players right on the table). What I'm trying for here is consistent bigger numbers. Feel free to join my contests with your own experiments!

Criticism to my lineups is welcomed in the comments below (but try to keep it productive and clean - I know this is the internet and that's hard to do here, but hey, maybe this stuff will help out others as well).


PG Zach LaVine LAL@Min 25.7 $5,200
SG Kyle Korver Atl@Dal 21.0 $4,500
SF Thabo Sefolosha Atl@Dal 20.8 $4,900
PF Paul Millsap Atl@Dal 41.4 $8,300
C Andre Drummond Mem@Det 46.8 $9,400
G K. Caldwell-Pope Mem@Det 23.4 $4,600
F Derrick Favors NY@Uta 37.0 $7,900
UTIL O.J. Mayo LAC@Mil 20.2 $5,200

USE THIS LINEUP AT YOUR OWN RISK! LIKE I SAID, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING...and obviously with this lineup being put right out there in the open I'm sure tens of DOZENS of people will be clambering about to use exactly THIS lineup, so keep that in mind as well.

Tell me what you think I did wrong here! And thanks for any help.

...And if you're NOT on DraftKings click here to join!

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