Monday, April 2, 2012

Free Love

It seems to me the term "Free Love" is often used by this society as a guise to cover selfishness and ultimately uncaring for others. Although we are each truly responsible for our own actions and reactions, we are a social race consciously/unconsciously choosing to be dependent upon one another - although this dependence may not necessarily be reciprocated.

All too often our paths join under "Kindness" then begin to separate as one person believes they have become stronger and more independent, leaving the other longing for comfort and security. This isn't free love. This isn't ultimate kindness and enlightenment of the world surrounding one's self. This is an act of selfish cruelty upon a person one has made at least a brief bond/connection with. This isn't love. This is using. This is abuse.

"Free Love" should be about kindness towards all without judgement - the understanding that we are all perfectly flawed. I am not you. You are not me. We can never fully understand each other, but we may accept.

"Forgiveness" is an interesting term. Some teach the way of "Forgiveness". But, who are we to judge, and therefore, who are we to "Forgive"?

Become vulnerable to kindness. Open your hearts to caring. There is no need for trust once one has learned true acceptance of others.

Free love... Love freely... One should honor, respect and care for those in one's life.

"Free Love" should be about caring so much about one another that you would do anything positive for that person, unconditionally and without judgement.

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