Thursday, November 10, 2011

So Lazy

OMG! I'm SO lazy about blogging! Actually, I'm lazy about a ton of stuff, but still! I keep on telling myself in my head that it's gotta be this polished little gem or whatever and it's gotta be this piece that's whatever. Omg! Talk about getting in my own way! *sigh* Excuses, excuses.

Still sluggin' along on the Pet Portraits. Just finished another one a few days ago. Still gotta photograph her. Got a BUNCH more to paint still, which is cool. Glad people enjoy them enough to actually want one. I gotta be more disciplined in painting them. Gotta catch up on the orders.

I've started up a new project - No-Kill United. It's pretty cool. Just takin' it at my leisure for now. Just some No-Kill propaganda graphics for now that I've been creating. Maybe someday it will turn into something more.

Lots of projects swimming around in my head. I gotta just start pushing this stuff out.

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