Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jekyll & Hyde

First: I love the bottles and the graphics and the read on the back of them.

I think it's a GREAT concept.

So, I took a chance and bought them. First twist of the cap and that was useless from then on. Both caps became non-functional right away. But hey, things happen. But it was a sign that it wasn't a high-end product.

Flat-out, it was god aweful. And I've drank some crap stuff before. The ONLY thing that salvaged it was some Red Bull. I do see on the website some mixed drinks for this and that DOES sound nice!

But for the most part, it tasted in such a way where I seriously wondered if something was going to happen to me if I drank too much of it, and not in a fun way either.

I DO love how the liquids seperate in the glass though! THAT was awesome!

So, it seems even from the website that this is even more of a mixed drink than the just the two bottles mixing together. And I must say that I am VERY curious to try some now.

But, what about Hyde being an Absinthe, and Jekyll being like a cherry Red Bull flavor? Or maybe that could be an entirely new drink all together called The Joker.

Having drank about 1/4 each bottle (WITH full cans of Red Bull each shot worth) I can definitely see this as a base for mixed drinks. I think I was looking for something more of a stand alone drink.

PLEASE put some money into the caps! PLEASE!

Website: Jekyll & Hyde

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