Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Dark Side

We all have a basic understanding of what someone means by "Come to the Dark Side".

It's used a ton now in the workforce. Oh man. No pun intended. Sorry.

One implication is "Ooh, you just don't know. You think what you see around you is rough? You're in 'Light and Fluffy Land', come over to our department and see the grit and dirt of it all."

Look man, EVERY company has a group that thinks they're part of the "Dark Side". The problem is? It's every group too!

They see the light and fluffy world as you know it. And you see the light and fluffy world as they know it. But seriously? Let's face it, if it was that hard? You probably wouldn't have the job. Seriously.

Every department has gears that grind. Everyone's pushin' the same buttons. It's just a matter of what those buttons do in the end that's different.

"Come to the Dark Side"? No. I have work to do. Just because you've got it rough over there, doesn't mean that I'll be the least bit impressed, or think that you've got it any worse than me. I've got my own "Dark Side" to deal with and you are more than welcome to watch it as I walk back over to my department and take care of my own work.

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